A glory that will never fade

Jan D Hondt 1735 copyright

Bruges is Belgium’s most intimate city by far. The medieval city covered with cobblestones is rich in sights. Behind every corner you are treated to a historic vista, wherever you are in the city centre. Bruges is also called the Venice of the North, with its ‘reien’ (canals) that crisscross the city and romantic green quays. A fitting nickname, we think!

The city forces you to slow down. It is ideal for strolling around leisurely, taking in everything, on foot or by horse and cart. The small alleys with the typical stepped gables, the many chocolatiers and the abundance of art make Bruges the ideal cultural destination. Visitors are warned: you could irrevocably fall in love with Bruges.

Locations only a few minutes from your room

For us no place in the world can match the genuine intimacy and warmth of Bruges. We cannot emphasise this enough, so we let these sights of Bruges speak for themselves. They are all places that say more than eight thousand words.

Bruges sizzles.

Bruges is a city with an ancient face, but with the heart of a young twenty-something. The centuries-old city of art keeps reinventing itself non-stop, even though it looks like a place where time has stood still. We will gladly prove to you that modern Bruges is more than the sum of its historic parts.

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