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Bruges is full of interesting, refined and original addresses, so it can be quite a chore to pick the right addresses from that broad supply. We will gladly help you and provide you with the tips below. These addresses have a special place in our hearts, for they all excel in Bruges pride, craftsmanship and local entrepreneurship. Highly recommended!

7 Grand Café

De Republiek

Apart from being a warm home to Bruges makers and creatives, De Republiek is also the place to have an excellent dinner, drink or chat. In the Grand Café you can eat creative dishes from local ingredients, at very democratic prices. From lunch to dinner, from coffee to cocktails: this is an all-round must.

Address: Sint-Jakobstraat 36, 8000 Bruges


Otto Waffles

Otto Waffle Atelier

Forget the Brussels and Liège waffles! Bruges waffles entered the hearts of sweet teeth. Otto Vlonk and his son Tom developed a healthier variant of the waffle, giving it a Bruges twist. The waffles are not only worth tasting but also worth seeing. Otto abandons the traditional waffle pattern and bakes his waffles in the shape of Bruges lace. Toppings such as strawberries and rhubarb compote come from local farmers. Long story short: this business checks all our boxes!

Address: Katelijnestraat 1, 8000 Bruges




Some catering facilities are so well-equipped that you are tempted to take everything home with you. Well, at Smaaak this is actually possible. In this interior café of Bruges architect Thomas Coucke and interior designer Isabelle Wittevrongel everything you see is for sale. Their menu with good wines, local drinks and snacks is a welcome extra. They work together with various traders from the immediate environment. Such as the gin bar and cheese shop in their street. Bruges entrepreneurs who work together, that is how it should be!

Address: Jozef Suveestraat 20, 8000 Bruges


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