Minna and Stromberg

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Minna and Stromberg

The well-known legend tells the tragic love story of Minna and Stromberg, the Romeo and Juliet of Bruges. Minna’s father saw the end of his life approaching and took matters in his own hand to find a suitable husband for his daughter, so he wouldn’t have to leave her behind lost and all alone. He found this suitable candidate inn Horneck, a friend who dropped by regularly. To the great grief of Minna, who had by then lost her heart to Stromberg, a farmer from a nearby clan. They swore that they would always love each other, even though Minna’s old father would never approve of her relationship.

The love lake

When fate struck and Stromberg went to war with other clans, Minna stayed behind alone, forced to marry Horneck while her loved one fought for his life far away. Therefore, the young, hopelessly infatuated woman had no other choice but to escape into the woods. When Stromberg returned and heard that Minna had fled, he immediately started a search that lasted for days. When he finally found her by the waterside, it was already much too late. Minna died of exhaustion in the arms of her lover. Stromberg then constructed a dam and buried his loved one in the waterbed. He then let the water flow freely again.

To commemorate Minna, Stromberg placed a rock at the edge of the water with the inscription ‘MINNA-WATER’. Later, the Poer Tower would be built on this site, which still overlooks the Minnewater. From this tragic legend arose the superstition that anyone passing over the Minnewater bridge with his loved one, will find eternal love. It is doubtful if you should believe this. But it won’t hurt to try!

Spotting swans

Whatever the case, the Minnewater park is a fine location for a sunny picnic or a romantic stroll in nature. You will also find the beautiful Della Faille Castle and the Ten Wijngaarde beguinage at just a stone’s throw from the park. By the way, the Minnewater is also home to the famous Bruges swans. Reason enough to take your travelling companion by the hand for an exploration of this wonderful part of Bruges!

Bruges sizzles.

Bruges is a city with an ancient face, but with the heart of a young twenty-something. The centuries-old city of art keeps reinventing itself non-stop, even though it looks like a place where time has stood still. We will gladly prove to you that modern Bruges is more than the sum of its historic parts.

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