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Brody Neuenschwander

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Neuenschwander (°1958) is a discoverer of the world, but above all a re-discoverer of reading. He has a PhD in art history and methodology. Since 1988 he has been an autonomous calligrapher, and so much more beside that.

Calligraphy with a capital C

Unlike other calligraphers Neuenschwander gets inspiration not only from his own fantasy, but also from Western and Eastern traditions. In his work he explores the boundaries between drawing and writing, and they often merge. With his many years of experience, knowledge and dexterity in the trade he manages to transcend expectations time after time. His work is based on the balance between drawing and writing. Consequently, the question ‘Is this text or image’ is never far away. If we can believe Brody, the image begins where the text begins too.

An acquired citizen of Bruges

His name may not sound very Flemish, but we can certainly call Neuenschwander a citizen of Bruges. Before he moved to Bruges he was mainly found abroad. Brody was born and raised in Houston (Texas, USA), but was determined to conquer the world with his work. This ambition brought him to places like New York, Paris and even Tokyo. In 1989 he met his future wife, who came from Bruges, and that is how our city became his home.


In recent years, Neuenschwander has collaborated intensively with the British film maker Peter Greenaway. Greenaway challenged Brody to create live-action calligraphy for one of his films. Their collaboration bore fruit, for together they realised several ground-breaking projects, including the films ‘Prospero’s Books’ and ‘The Pillow Book’.

Brody Neuenschwander’s work is on view in Hotel Portinari, Atelier Flori van Acker and in the chocolate museum Choco-Story.
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