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Manu Verherp

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Ceramics with a story

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Manu Vanherp (b. 1983), a citizen of Bruges in heart and soul, discovered his love of ceramics at an early age. His studies and training led him further in that direction and after years of experimentation he eventually returned to clay. In 2008 he founded his studio Unica-Terra.

With his ceramics Manu wants to make dining even more attractive. ‘Dining with friends is more than just eating good food’, he recounts on his website. He always customises his work, so his customers always get unique pieces. In addition to tableware he also creates urns and interior objects such as vases and bowls. Each piece is handmade with undivided attention and passion.

‘The clay is an extension of myself’, says Manu. And you can notice that. His work radiates life and therefore fitted perfectly in our hotel. Especially for us he developed the original and modern coffee cups you find in our hotel rooms.

When he is not working in his own studio, you will find Manu at Kafé Keramiek, where he teaches budding and semi-advanced potters the tricks of the trade. On his Instagram page you will find a lot of relaxing (almost hypnotising) films of clay turning into a vase, plate or urn before your eyes. Absolutely worth seeing!

Bruges sizzles.

Bruges is a city with an ancient face, but with the heart of a young twenty-something. The centuries-old city of art keeps reinventing itself non-stop, even though it looks like a place where time has stood still. We will gladly prove to you that modern Bruges is more than the sum of its historic parts.

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